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Nuvaria in PLMA 2018

Nuvaria was also at PLMA 2018 in Amsterdam.

Stand de Nuvaria en PLMA2018

Nuvaria joins Asepeyo's board

Nuvaria Global was presented as the latest member to the board in the last meeting of Asepeyo's board. Guillermo Moscoso (Nuvaria's CEO) represented our company in the act.

Nuvaria en el consejo de Asepeyo Andalucia

Vicky Martin Berrocal

Nuvaria continues to grow in the perfume market and presents its new showpiece, the new fragrances of VICKY MARTÍN BERROCAL. Nuvaria and Vicky Martín Berrocal present their first major project together in the world of beauty with the launch of their two new fragrances: ALBA and ETERNA.

The essence of Vicky Martín Berrocal is reflected in these perfumes inspired by the freshness of the day and the intensity of the night. “I've been looking to create my own scent for a long time and thanks to Nuvaria I've been able to express what my world smells like”, Vicky said.

ALBA is a pure and highly refreshing fragrance thanks to the notes of peach and blackcurrant. It is delicate and envelops the skin in notes of jasmine and magnetism thanks to the signature woody perfume of sandalwood.

Alba de la linea Vicky Martin Berrocal

ETERNA is sensual and passionate, for an irresistible woman, making use of tonka beans with a combination of jasmine and vanilla flower.

Eterna de la linea Vicky Martin Berrocal

“Both ALBA and ETERNA are two aromas that inspire me a lot. The first one has a freshness and a unique optimism, like my daughter, and I designed it with her in mind. ETERNAL is a scent that envelops you, with strength and a very special personality”, Vicky says.

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Cosmoprof 2018

Nuvaria was also at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2018.

For 50 years, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna has been the world's leading event for the professional beauty industry and an international platform for the cosmetics and wellness industry.

Great success with our brand DICORA URBAN FIT. For people with an active and healthy lifestyle. Our products contain ingredients and extracts that contribute directly and positively to the health of our skin. Introducing our range of body care and fragrances.

Stand de Nuvaria en Cosmoprof 2018

Dicora Urban Fit

Nuvaria implements its new brand in large distribution while negotiating new points of sale.

Dicora Urban Fit was born as a response to the current need of the consumer: people with an active lifestyle, urban, who care about their health and well-being.

Choose your plan with the best ingredients: Vitamin, Detox or Energy ...

Our products contain ingredients and natural extracts that directly and positively train the health of the skin, providing greater nutrition and hydration.

The industrial design of its packaging, with a "soft touch" texture in pastel colors, is a hallmark of Dicora Urban Fit.

0% Parabens. Clinically and dermatologically tested technology. Your skin will be healthy and fit to face your day to day. You dare?

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Productos de la linea Dicora Urban Fit


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